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BING SIOCHI-(Bayanihan Dancer)

BING SIOCHI-(Bayanihan Dancer)
BING SIOCHI-(Bayanihan Dancer)

Title : Bayanihan Dancer

Media : Mixed Media

Size : 32"x48"

Price : PhP 3,96,500( INR 5,94,000)

About Artist: 

Very few artists are brave to paint outdoors in any weather, one is Bing Siochi, who enjoys road trips with his friends and painting around the countryside. His love of nature is depicted in his works. In his teens, he worked as a layout artist in several outdoor advertising companies in Davao City, where he honed up his creativity. It was at a time that the call of real artistry beckoned the young Siochi. He decided to learn more and eyed Manila as the place for improving his art. He found work as a layout artist for an advertising agency and later became the art director of the company. Later on, he set up his own advertising business.

A successful businessman with a happy and comfortable life, he shifted his focus back to painting. He retired and turned over the management of the company to his wife Rose and sons, Erwin and John Paul. Having freed himself successfully from economic pressure, he is free to give more time to his love for painting.


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