About Us

About The Company 

Arth Art International is a leading contemporary art company based in India. Arth Art International has a very strong team of art curators, art critics, art writers, art consultants and a very strong network with art buyers at International level.

Arth Art International provides following services:


  1. End to End services for Art Exhibition: Arth Art International provides an end to end services, such as to Select the Venue (5 Star hotel or A Premium Art gallery), to Curate the show, write up on artworks as well as about the artist, PR & Social Media promotion, press conference, management of the art exhibition and most importantly inviting art buyers/art collectors to buy the artworks.


  1. Art Consultancy : Arth Art International provides art consultancy to individual art collectors in terms of investment /buying artworks as well as selling /ROI of their collection of Artworks.


  1. Artists Promotion: Arth Art International provides an international platform for the artists to be promoted at International level through online as well as offline (through exhibitions in different countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, HK , Philippines ,London( UK), Paris( France) , USA & UAE (Dubai). Selection of artists is done by a curatorial team.


  1. Networking event: Arth Art International provides an exclusive networking event of the artists & other art fraternities with the art collectors. This networking event is Organized post exhibition or on special request.



Our mission is to organize international art exhibitions and promote Indian art at international level through Virtual & Physical Exhibitions. Our mission is to create an international platform to explore and establish the Indian artist in a more powerful way.

Vision: Our vision is to:

  • Execute Art projects successfully with commitment to continuous learning & improvement.
  • Be creative in our approach to all our works.
  •  Support and nurture artists to maintain Quality of the Artworks at the highest level.
  •  Bring artists, art collectors and art investors together at one platform.
  •  Explore and be open to innovative and challenging ideas, including those using new technologies such as Block chain, NFT etc.
  •  Explore and develop partnerships and collaborations, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  Core Values:

  • HonestyQ
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Relationships
  • Teamwork
  • Open Mindedness
  • Learning & Development