We people love seeing art. The way hues and colors can produce the feelings and views of an artist, it looks amazing. It is the inner endemic of thoughts and imagination that induces an artist to choose a brush and then begin making something stunning. At present, several types of art are being performed and followed worldwide but my preferred is traditional Indian art.

The antique paintings portray the stories of superlative beings, Gods, Goddesses, events from sacred epics, and related subject matters that are pretty attractive in a very exclusive way. Among the traditional tasks, paintings show Radha Krishna particularly fascinates my attention and there is the main reason for that.

Krishna is an extremely misread Godly being in Hindu scriptures. Many people think that Radha and Krishna had a love affair that didn’t continue for a longer time. But, if it was the situation, how come Radha’s name is always taken before Krishna though, after 5000 years their downfall?