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Identity-A tale of Two Nations


India & Malaysia Virtual Art Exhibition

 September 25, 2020-October 25,2020



Identity: A tale of two Nations is a virtual art exhibition of the artists from India & Malaysia. The participating artists from these two countries are Senior Artists, Well established Artists and Budding Artists. Art can be a medium for people to be reminded that they are not alone. It can also be a source of hope and a powerful tool to encourage people to work together and be part of a meaningful cause. Art is a medium to cross the boundaries and bring all the people at the same platform to think, to articulate and to mingle for a world full of harmony. This exhibition is showcasing the strong bonding of two nations, India and Malaysia, who are culturally very strong and possess many similarities.

This exhibition IDENTITY, featuring the works of twelve (12) Indian artists and twelve (12) Malaysian Artists, is highly exciting because of the diversity of the Artists from these two countries but unifying theme of their artworks with the sheer abundance of styles. Where our words fail and our voices seem unheard, Art is a medium to express the existing or imminent social problems and the possible remedies by expressing through the artworks. In this exhibition, the artists have manifested the nostalgia, history, sense of responsibilities, fear and hope in a highly ingenious ways and conveyed the message very purposefully to the viewers.

This virtual Exhibition is organized by Arth Art International from India & KL City Art Gallery from Malaysia for one month and the exhibition is curated by Stephen Menon & Sushil shriwastwa.

The inauguration ceremony will take place on September 25 @ 10am (IST) through Zoom Platform. 

Below are eminent speakers on the opening ceremony :

1. Dr. Bernadette Cooper ( Founder -GACCE, USA)

2. Dr. Daniel Connel ( Ted-X Speaker, Australian Contemporary Artist)

3. Datuk Ramli Ibrahim - (Founder-Sutra Art Foundation, Recipient of Padma Shri Award from Government of India)

4.Mr.Suzlee Ibrahim -( Malaysian Contemporary Artist & Art Teacher)

The exhibition will be viewed at /


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