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Title : Finding Uri

Media : Oil & Sil screen Print

Size : 58''x48''

Price : USD 3040 ( INR 2,55,000)

About Artist :

By and large, Poojitha is a self-taught artist who did not obtain much formal training in art, save for what she was exposed to while in primary and secondary school. She has, however, been painting since her early youth, and her artistic skills have been continuously developing over the years through diligent self-study, trial and error, and the occasional critique from artist friends she has made along the way.

Unlike many artists whose career progressions resemble a smooth continuum from one stage to another, Poojitha’s artistic experience thus far has been one characterized by three very distinct and stylistically different stages. Casual observers of her portfolio might even say her career to date has been quite “disjointed”.

Being exposed to Tanjore glass paintings, Madhubani art, and various other Indian art forms at an early age, Poojitha started painting on glass, primarily to occupy her spare time, once she moved to Malaysia after her marriage. She chose this form of art because of her familiarity with it and because she had done similar work while still in India.

Soon, these got the attention of friends who would commission her to produce art works for them. Her art during this early stage consisted of figurative and scenic works, which slowly began to get noticed by a growing number of people. For the success garnered through her works on glass, Poojitha was featured in several magazine and newspaper write-ups. In 2008, she participated in the inaugural Art Expo Malaysia, which Poojitha considers to be the real beginning of her serious art career.

The culmination of the artist’s Glass Art period was her first solo exhibition in 2011, entitled “SHE, The Nude Collection of Nine”. 

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